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It's all about getting your question right

For first-timers of tarot readings, the most influential aspect occurs before the reading even starts. Asking the right questions can make tarot readings productive, illuminating, and insightful. Confusing or even depressing answers may result from starting with a badly phrased question.

Let’s go over some guidelines for asking tarot card questions during a reading. 

Questions should be open-ended.

Tarot readings can typically accommodate yes or no questions, but the answers are often complex.. A simple answer of yes or no often entails a deep exploration of the symbolism of the cards in order to understand its rationale.

Don’t ask: “Will I get the job?”

Consider: “What can I do to move forward in my career?”

Stay focused on yourself when asking questions.

Our curiosity about other people may lead us to ask questions about them in tarot readings, as they are the biggest unknown. Such questions can be unethical and counterproductive. Asking a tarot card question about someone else can be a way to try to control the uncontrollable.

Don’t ask: “Is my heart-throb interested in someone else?”

Consider: “I want to strengthen the bond between me and my heart-throb, what should I do?”

Accept ownership of the situation.

We often find ourselves tempted to make excuses and play the victim when things don’t go well. It’s true that sometimes we can do very little to change our situation. It’s usually true that we can change our reactions and responses to those situations. The way we phrase our tarot card questions can make the difference between getting a reading that helps us on our journey towards self-improvement and evolution, or getting one that hinders us.

Don’t ask: “Am I going to win the lottery?”

Consider: “How can I improve my financial situation?? What is stopping me from financial success and how can I overcome it?”

Concentrate your questions on the present.

Although tarot is known for fortune telling, its best use is to concentrate on the present moment and future journey, rather than predicting the future. The things we do today shape our future, so it’s important to keep that in mind when thinking about what’s to come. With a tarot reading, we gain insight and clarity to make the best choices for ourselves. Tarot readings are not meant to delve into the past or alternate realities. Those things are beyond our control.

Don’t ask: “Did I make the right decision??”

Consider: “What is the best course of action for me to take in order to make the most of this situation?”

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Some Tarot card questions to cover most topics.

Here's a list of questions that we believe would lead to great tarot readings, in case you need some extra inspiration to ignite your creativity. 

General Questions

What changes do I need to make about myself or this situation right now?

What’s the greatest challenge blocking my path at the moment?

What do I need to learn to overcome my challenges?

What is having the most significant impact on my life at the moment?

Can you tell me about my greatest strengths and weaknesses?

What should be my immediate focus at this time?

Love Questions

I want to attract a partner who aligns with my highest self. Any tips?

What’s standing in the way of me discovering love?

How can I make my relationship with my partner stronger?

What’s the best way for me to resolve this problem in my relationship?

What brings us together in this relationship?

Work and Career Questions

What job or profession will be the most rewarding for me?

What holds me back from achieving my full potential?

When is it ideal to make a career transition?

What steps should I take now to advance my career?

How can I foster better communication with my current employer?

Financial Questions

What is the biggest challenge I’m having financially right now?

How do I approach finances? What’s the source of that?

What steps can I take to achieve material success?

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