Ethics and Conduct

What You can expect from me.

My goal is to interpret tarot cards to the best of my ability and offer a supportive, helpful ear to anyone seeking a reading .

Our Heros

Andy Hall
Tarot Consultant
Pamela Coleman Smith
Creative Advisor

Carl Jung

Psyche Advisor

Doreen Valiente

Spritual Advisor

And so we have fallen and forgotten that life is a slippery slope of oblivions. We’ve striven to grab and shackle life, our gaze avidly projected outwards, running after the objects of our desire. We’ve held onto the anxiety of work with expectations of reward and perhaps glory. And so we’ve sought to leave everything tidied up, pasted in the scrapbook of our memory. We’ve asked the sun, the clouds, the sky, and even the rose in its wilting, to step back and remain there, orderly like the books on the shelves of a library, glorious like a butterfly pinned just above its Latin name, beheaded like the statue of Nike.

The Fool, Josep Miquel Sobrer. Spring, 1994