Holistic Tarot:
A Concise Guide

Today, the wisdom and knowledge encompassed in tarot is vast, making it a remarkable tool for self-discovery. It provides a glimpse into our psyche and helps us understand our feelings and emotions. The cards have evolved over time and include narratives, philosophies, and teachings from various cultures and schools of thought.

Tarot readings with Red Feather Tarot are an extensive and inclusive tool to help us find answers within ourselves. By using tarot, we can make informed decisions and create a better future. It’s not about predicting the future, but about analysing and gaining perspective on our current challenges.

Through tarot, we can elevate the unknown from our subconscious into our consciousness and confront it. By tapping into our imagination and intuition, we can uncover hidden truths and gain insights that were previously inaccessible. It’s a subjective process because it tells us what we already know, albeit at a subconscious level. Tarot empowers us to make better decisions, make sense of our situation, and gain new perspectives. It’s like having a trusted counsellor by our side.