Red Feather:
Behind the Symbol

The Red Feather: In World History

There is a rich history behind the significance of a red feather in cultures all around the world. From representing courage and strength in African and First Nation American traditions, to symbolising love and compassion in Eastern spiritual contexts, red feathers have many powerful meanings. 

In some traditions, they are protective symbols, while in others, they play a role in sacred rituals and ceremonies. Red feathers may also represent a connection to one’s inner self, ancestry, or the elements of fire and transformation. In mystical systems, they are often linked to initiation and alchemical processes of transformation, symbolising the stages of spiritual development. 

The Red Feather: In Tarot

The Red Feather appears on four tarot cards: 

  • The Page of Wands
  • The Fool
  • Death, and
  • The Sun

According to Sasha Graham: “Red is the energy of the spirit, and a feather is the link between world and spirit, therefore the red feather is soaring spiritual energy”.

No matter the context, a red feather represents the fiery aspect of the human spirit and the desire for growth and spiritual awakening.