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Coming soon! Holistic Tarot Reading...

Red Feather Tarot is a new consulting service that does Tarot readings. We’re based at Tresowes Hill, West Cornwall and offer Tarot readings using Zoom, by meeting up, and by email. We are opening soon!

But while we wait, we are giving some free weekly Zoom and email readings.

If you want to know more, go straight to our “Book a Reading” page.

Tarot Readings

Tarot has been around for 800 years or so and we believe there are three pillars to effective Tarot reading: knowledge of the card meanings and symbolism; an understanding of depth psychology and intuition.

We use a combination of the card meanings and imagery, and life experiences to bring alive the stories and guidance in the cards.

A Red Feather Tarot reading is like a cross between a conversation with a close friend/family member who knows you very well and wants the best for you, and a weather report. There are no absolutes, and you always have free will.

If you would like a question but are not sure what to ask, you can contact us at any time. Generally, it is recommended to avoid yes/no or timing questions, as the cards aren’t really built for these (but ‘Should I…?’ is OK) and avoid any medical or legal questions.


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